Forum Rules

General Rules

The intent of the OCCRA forum is to give members and it's officers a central place to discuss OCCRA related events and the business of the club. There are also forum areas for NON-OCCRA racing events and items For Sale that all forum members are welcome to use.

If you post on any of the OCCRA forums, you are required to do so in a professional and respectful manner. Verbal attacks on other members, officers or negative comments about the club WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. The OCCRA forum moderators will warn you 2 times about any such content and the 3rd occurance will result in your account being deleted from the forum.

The OCCRA forum can be a great place to communicate if you don't take things personally or attack others.

Duplicate or ghost accounts are not allowed. Operate under one account only. Duplicate accounts will be deleted.


This forum is for listing one's privately-owned items for sale. Dealer ads are not permitted. OCCRA sponsoring vendors may advertise specials in the "Sponsors" section of the website.

If you wish to utilize these forums to sell an item, please make sure include a detailed description of the item in which you are trying to sell. Pictures are recommended and can be added by pressing "Upload a File" button beside the "Create Thread" button at the bottom of the new thread form. Make sure to also include things such as price, condition, location, and contact information.

"Bumping" your ad is not allowed and will be removed unless you are offering the item at a lower price or answering a question about your ad. If you have sold your item, please post "Sold" in your thread or press "Report" to let the officers remove the thread.

Posts are kept for 90 days unless they are sold.

For those viewing the classifieds: Do not respond to the posts unless you are asking a question that is regarding information that was left out of the original ad (such as the price, or condition, location, etc). If you have direct questions for the seller, please utilize their contact information or send a message via a private message through the forum. Any responses to classified ads that are not related to the original ad itself will be deleted.

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