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    Hello all,

    The time has arrived to open up the nomination form for 2018 Race Officers. Race Officers are the awesome individuals that lend their personal time and talents so that we can all enjoy 12 fun race events and a banquet. Without officers, none of this can happen! As always, each position is “open” every year. Apply for the position that interests you and we will provide the training! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at info@occra.com or touch base with an officer at a race.

    Position Descriptions:

    • President – The President shall provide general leadership and be the primary spokesperson for the club. He shall have fiduciary powers to act on behalf of the association. He shall conduct regular officer’s meetings as well as race-day rider’s meetings.
    • Vice-President – The Vice-President shall serve as the acting President and assume the duties of the President in his absence at any club function or officer meeting. The Vice-President shall serve as the Club Recorder for any race season business. He shall take and keep the minutes of any Officer’s meetings, and submit them to the Board Secretary. He shall serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the club newsletter and prepare said publication in a timely fashion. In the absence of the Board Treasurer, he shall collect all monies and fees and keep an accurate account thereof.
    • Race Director – The Race Director shall be responsible for conducting the race. He shall serve as the chief Referee, resolving all protests, and assigning penalties for various rules violations. He shall be responsible for designating work assignments for supervising track workers the day of the race. Upon completion of the course by the Track Director, he shall conduct a final inspection and review of the track to ensure proper markings and layout, and to identify worker positions and assignments.
    • Scoring & Membership Director – The Scoring & Membership Director shall direct the scoring of the races. He shall post scores and lap times for view by racers. He shall record an official account of the points and placings of each race prior to the next race. He shall hold an accounting of total points for year-end awards. He shall enroll all members and maintain the official record of club membership. He shall coordinate collection of race entry fees and race sign-ups. He shall assign race numbers to riders and assign riders to the various classes. He shall direct the Scorekeeper as his assistant to effect the scoring of the race.
    • Track Director – The Track Director shall be responsible for track layout and design. He shall cause a crew of club members to cut trail, lay out course, and mark track under his direction and to his specifications. The track shall be designed with safety in mind, and to be negotiable by all levels of rider. He shall work closely with the Race Director to effect these ends.
    • Equipment Manager – The Equipment Manager shall be responsible for transporting club equipment to the race site, and for transporting it back to storage after the race. He shall be responsible for the set-up and take-down of the score chute area, sign-in area, and line-up area. He shall serve as the caretaker of all club equipment and shall conduct proper maintenance and upkeep on equipment between races and during the off-season.
    • Mini Director – The Mini Director shall establish and effect a program of racing for children and youngsters. He shall design and lay out the Mini course, and oversee the running and scoring of the event.
    • Web Director – The Web Director shall maintain an up to date website and forum which shall include race schedules and a report of all race scores. He shall answer and respond to all e-mails and inquiries in a timely fashion. He shall work with the Marketing Director to post all club news and information in a timely manner. He shall be the ambassador of our club to the world through the Internet.
    • Work Director – Manages and determines work assignments for members that have signed up to work a race. Checks workers in and out. Reports work completion to Scoring Director for points credit. Ensures that trouble spots are manned.
    • Marketing Director [New] – Manages communication through website blogs (news), social media, race flyers and newsletters (coordinating with VP). Coordinates purchase and distribution of race plaques. Uses media (photography, video, etc.) to publicize events and create post-race write-ups. Ensures that sponsors, partners and venues are recognized in communications when appropriate. Works with Web Director to ensure that the website is information rich and up-to-date.

    Name *
    Email *
    Phone *
    Position I Wish to Run For: *PresidentVice PresidentRace DirectorTrack DirectorMini DirectorScoring DirectorWork DirectorMarketing DirectorWeb/Technology DirectorEquipment ManagerOther
    Let us know what you're interested in! You don't have to be an expert yet - we'll show you the ropes and then you can add your own flair to your position.
    Goals/Why You Want to Run *
    Please let the members know why you wish to run for the position you selected.

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    Don't be afraid to nominate yourself. It would be great to have enough nominations to hold some good old fashioned voting. Thanks to all who have shown interest in helping the club out.
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    I would also like to add to Ron's post a little reminder to all that OCCRA is a members club ran by the members through yearly elections of officers and any person that's a member can run for any position except for president whereas you have to be or have been an officer in the past for at least 2 years. Now with that being said it's easy to be a sideline quarterback, we all do it, and I actually think it's human nature to want to quarterback especially when it involves something were all passionate about like racing, so what are you waiting for stop sitting on the sidelines and get into the game, it's truly very rewarding.
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